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Set in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the Perkins Clinic is at the forefront of advanced hearing care and ground-breaking hearing technology. The Clinic is led by world renowned otologist, Dr Rodney Perkins, and a team of hearing experts comprised of physicians and audiologists. They offer high-quality care and advanced technology solutions for better hearing health and quality of life for people with hearing impairments. 


News and events:

The Perkins Clinic at Earlens holds monthly seminars dedicated to sharing the latest science and solutions for better hearing health and quality of life, for people with hearing impairments. Register today for an upcoming seminar on Hearing Health.

Perkins Clinic at Earlens News and events updates

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  • Understand more about hearing health and the benefits of improving your hearing.
  • Get your hearing health examined by some of the most experienced hearing experts in the Bay Area.
  • Receive a complimentary consultation with Dr Rodney Perkins, world-renowned otologist and inventor, on the right hearing solution for you.

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