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At Perkins Clinic at Earlens, we know that each of our patients are as ‘unique as their hearing.’ We provide  customized, high quality care, combined with ground-breaking technology and best-in-class hearing expertise. We are committed to embracing the needs of our patients and improving their hearing health to enhance their quality of life and help them recapture the euphonious sound of life. 

Perkins Clinic at Earlens is a model clinic for providing patients with the Earlens® Contact Hearing Solution.  


The Clinic Process


Ear impressions

Our expert team of Otologists and Audiologists will first determine the type and severity of your hearing impairment via exhaustive audiological and ontological examination. Using your physiological and anatomical coefficients, the expert team will determine if you would be a good candidate for the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution 

Every Earlens Solution is custom built just for your ear and level of hearing impairment. Ear impressions will be taken to personalize your Lens and Ear Tips. 

Using your ear impressions, your Earlens solution is manufactured right next door, at the Earlens Corporate Headquarters. Once your Earlens is ready, you will return to the clinic to have the Lens placed by an Otologist Physician, and your processor tuned to your hearing requirements by audiologists 


Billing & Insurance: 
The Pekins Clinic at Earlens dispenses the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution to eligible patients with hearing impairment. The clinic does not bill insurance for reimbursement. Some patients may be eligible for reimbursement for a portion of the cost of a hearing aid or for certain services, such as hearing screening and a medical exam to determine candidacy for a hearing aid. At this clinic, these services will be provided in a bundled package with the purchase of the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution.

If you have questions about your coverage through your insurance, please call your insurance provider. If you have other questions related to billing, please feel free to call our clinic for more details.