The Perkins Clinic at Earlens is a state-of-art clinic, offering world-class hearing expertise combined with a rewarding patient experience. Set in the heart of Silicon Valley, the clinic has established itself as a benchmark for treating patients with hearing impairment and helping them achieve optimum hearing health. It is a model clinic for providing patients with the Earlens® Contact Hearing Solution by combining best-in-class hearing expertise with ground-breaking technology.

Perkins Clinic Front

Our expert team of Otologists and Audiologists will analyze the type and severity of your hearing impairment via an exhaustive audiological and ontological examination. Using your physiological and anatomical coefficients, we will determine your candidacy for the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution.

Every Earlens® Contact Hearing Solution is custom built for your ear and your unique level of hearing impairment. Our expert physicians will take ear impressions so that we can optimize and personalize the fit of your Lens and Ear Tips, which ensures comfort and high-quality sound experience.

Your Earlens solution is manufactured right next door, at the Earlens Corporate Headquarters. Once your Earlens is ready, you will return to the clinic to have the Lens placed by an Otologist Physician, and your processor tuned to your hearing requirements by audiologists.

Dr Perkins Clinic


At the Perkins Clinic, we believe that each person is “as unique as their hearing”, and we are committed to providing personalized, high-quality care to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for your first hearing solution, or have been wearing hearing aids for years and are ready for a better hearing experience, the experts at the Perkins Clinic will provide a personalized solution based upon your unique physiological and anatomical characteristics.